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Romanian company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of metal parts processing services. We take unique and serial production orders for metal parts from our partners in Europe, Asia and South America. We take care of every client and order, and we make sure that the pieces delivered (on time) are of the highest quality.


Why choose

You’ll receive the price offer within 2 business days

We take orders for serial production and unique pieces

Great value for money

The goods will reach you within 24-48 hours after the order is completed

Our Clients

Radu Potra
"After the first collaboration with Megatitan, I realized that the company really aims to satisfy the customer's needs through the quality of the products and the promptness of the deliveries. This company has evolved a lot and I think it will continue to do so. They have vision, which will bring them success. A great role in this company has a team that, in my opinion, has learned all the lessons that could be learned."
Daniel Borota
CEO Flexibil
"We have chosen Megatitan for seriousness, flexibility and because they have understood our quality needs very well."
Szocs Karol
SC Carol Tech SRL
"From the beginning, he was an interested partner and able to solve our requirements, we had no quality problems, or, if they appeared, have been resolved. We also appreciate the human part of the collaboration, the very good interpersonal relation that we have. We believe that in today's business environment, these qualities are vital in collaboration and we wish success in the future projects."